We’ve been busy and have news to share… small fanfare… we’ve launched our 200th website! In fact there’s been a small stampede and our grand total is now 203. We’ll take any excuse for a celebration and whilst 200 is just a number, it does feel like a significant milestone.

Perhaps it’s because so much has changed since we launched our first site in 2007. In those days sites were much simpler, generally designed on a small number of page templates, all fixed width, with the content arranged in simple static blocks. As users we all understood these simple sites because they were often online versions of print, with limited functionality.

But enough nostalgia, these days things are far more sophisticated. Our sites all respond for mobile devices, all have admin areas to manage the content and all have dynamic content delivery. It’s getting hard to think of sites as being pages now, as content can appear almost anywhere, then there’s more design options, animation, plugins, apps, videos, ecommerce, business applications, SEO, online marketing…

What’s very rewarding is seeing many clients are now moving on to second versions of their sites and some onto their third. With every new version the sites become more sophisticated and effective, with clearer aims and more defined journeys to help ensure results.

These changes and developments show no sign of slowing down. It really does feel like we are just at the beginning of the digital revolution, we have interesting times ahead.


Written by. Richard Jaggs

Richard Jaggs