5 top email marketing tips

Picture the scene… you’ve worked hard on crafting a really fantastic email marketing campaign that you’re sure your clients will want to read.
However your email still ends up getting lost in their inbox or even worse, goes straight into their spam folder. Even more frustrating is when someone opens your email, but then doesn’t actually click through.

Here are our five top tips to improve your open and click through rates for your next campaign.

1. Send your email from a real person, not your company

We all do it. We’re less likely to open an email if it comes from contact@bigbusiness.co.uk than an individual. Plain and simple, your open rate will increase if it comes from a real person.

Inboxes are busy places and are often inundated with spam – your customers will trust (and are more likely to open) an email address they know and that is personalised.

2. Clear subject lines

Don’t underestimate how important the subject line of your email is. You need to make sure it’s compelling and enticing so it stands out amongst any other emails in your customer’s inbox.

Best practice is:

  •  Clear and understandable and avoid anything misleading
  •  Keep it below 50 characters so it doesn’t get cut off by mobile phones
  •  Try to ensure it is exciting and create a sense of urgency
  •  Avoid words such as ‘Save’,’Discount’ ‘Money Off’ – you will just hit the spam folder

3. Keep it short

We naturally tend to skim through emails and take in the key messages before deciding if we are interested.

Keep your emails short and to the point. If they are getting lengthy, ensure you are breaking the copy up into paragraphs that are easy to digest.

4. Include only one call to action per email

Don’t forget that when your customers are skimming through your email they need a clear CTA button that’s easy to spot and ensures they take action.

Make sure the button is well positioned and, most importantly, clicks through to a relevant place.

5. Ensure you add links to your images

Email marketing is a great platform to use to talk to your customers. However, it’s important to remember that the hub of your marketing is your website and the goal of any email campaign is to drive customers to one of your webpages.

The easiest way to achieve this is by ensuring that any images contained in the email include links.

Remember a lot of your customers may be viewing your email on a touch screen device such as their phone or tablet and will automatically assume that an image is clickable.

And finally…

Keep these tips in mind when putting together your next email and I’m confident you will see your open and click through rates improve.


Written by. Louise Buscombe

Louise Buscombe