Can the real site visitor please stand up?

Imagine an EU referendum where all that was known was whether you showed up at the polling station, no recording of your vote. Clearly it’s the vote that matters, so it has to be recorded…

With your website you can use Google Analytics to check page popularity, view the pages visitors have visited, check visitor journeys etc. But is this enough? Do you know all the user actions on our website or what works and what doesn’t?

Analytics Events

Analytics Events is an additional layer of reporting that can inform you of real user actions within a page. This can be an event when a user clicks a button to open a modal or when a user clicks an accordion to view additional information. Analytic Events can also be used to record multiple actions, let’s say, opening a contact form modal and then whether users go on to send the contact form, or bail before sending.

Once your website has been set up to process events and send the data to your analytics package, the data can be categorised and viewed. Further to this, analytic goals can be set in Events to trigger when the goal count or revenue has been reached.

With Google Analytics, events can be set up to pass Category, Action, Label and Value, allowing us to collect data on a variety of user interactions. The collected data can be grouped and labelled to a custom level to deliver meaningful reports. Consideration should be given to the way data is passed to prevent inflated bounce rates that could effect other metrics, as well as rate-limiting the metrics sent to avoid limits.

Analytic Events requires custom set-up as the actions recorded by a site visitor are usually dependent upon the website design or the user journeys the site is based upon. The event reporting can be viewed alongside your standard reporting within a package such as Google Analytics. Generally the business logic of the event recording is passed to Javascript for handling which keeps your design templates clear of clutter and unnecessary additional text.

Troublesome bots

Reported in January 2016, 48.5% of traffic to websites comes from bots (automated visits)*, its probable a lot of this traffic is being reported in standard page view analytics. In the interests of business intelligence, it becomes more important to report on human visitor interaction on your website and Analytics Events assists the process of reporting the true picture.

Would you like to know how site visitors really behave on your website? Contact us to see how tracking events can empower and inform your business.

Written by. Matt Groom

Matt Groom