Apple’s recent iOS 4 update brings challenges for advertisers

Richard Jaggs

MD | Resolution Design

  • May 20, 2021
  • 2 minute read

In April Apple released its biggest privacy update yet, turning the current privacy approach on its head by asking people to opt into app tracking, rather than doing this automatically and giving the option to opt-out. Apple explains it like this…

This is a great step forward in personal privacy for iPhone users, and it follows other very positive improvements in privacy like the automatic blocking of 3rd party cookies by Firefox and Safari.

But it has created a problem for advertising platforms like Facebook, Google and LinkedIn. Without the ability to access users aggregated data on interests they cannot target so well, plus without the tracking, they cannot report on the activity of opted-out users in response to advertising… so no click data or conversion tracking… awkward. Will this put businesses off advertising on their platforms or will it result in greater activity as businesses adopt a broader advertising approach? Time will tell.

If you’re advertising online it’s worth learning a bit more about the update, how it will impact your ads and what you can do about it. At Resolution, we’ve already noticed some changes to client conversion results as a result of the update. We’ll be updating the setup of the advertising campaigns for some of our clients, as well as reviewing how we measure campaign success.

If you’re interested to learn more please drop us a line.