We’ve recently launched the new website for the CUP Foundation, a charitable organisation that exists to offer information and support to CUP patients, their families and friends; whilst raising awareness of this problem to stimulate action that will improve treatment.

Cancer of Unknown Primary Website

When a person is diagnosed with cancer that has spread within the body (metastatic cancer) the primary site – the place in the body where the cancer started –  is not always obvious. Finding the genetic origin of the cancer is important to define the best treatment. When the origin of the cancer is not identified with confidence, after initial tests, this is described as Cancer of Unknown Primary or CUP.

Each year approximately 10,000 in the UK are diagnosed with CUP and the website, cupfoundjo.org, is an extensive source of information about diagnosis, treatment, support, research and news.

“Always helpful and incredibly responsive, Resolution have created a neat, visually attractive ‘refresh’ of our tired website that works on all platforms.”
John Symons, Director, CUP Foundation

You can support the work of this excellent charity by visiting their support page.


Written by. Richard Jaggs

Richard Jaggs