Ok, firstly we better define our terms. Content is the information you use in your marketing, so copy, images, video, infographics. You can split content into 2 basic types; traditional marketing content and content marketing…

Traditional marketing content

This is the content that sells your business, the information that you put in a traditional brochure, a brochure website… the information that describes your business, your services, the benefits and why people should use you.

Content marketing

Content marketing is a bit different, it’s relevant, well-profiled communication that doesn’t directly sell your business. Instead it’s designed to inform your audience, provide insightful, helpful content, position your business as a trusted source, a thought leader if you like. So it’s a little different from traditional marketing content, in addition to which it needs creating on an ongoing basis.

Creating effective and engaging content for your traditional marketing is hard enough, add content marketing and you may have content overload, contentgeddon… so is content marketing really neccessary?

Well… research indicates that content marketing is one of the most effective tactics for B2B lead generation. So, no suprise, smart businesses are using it more and more. It’s going to be one of the biggest marketing trends in B2B marketing for 2016.

OK… like some examples of content marketing? Well this post for a start… also  blog posts, sharing of useful information via social media, videos on YouTube, articles in magazines, emails to customers, contributions in industry forums, starting Linkedin discussions… There are many, many channels you can push your helpful content through, many things you can create content about.

We work with many B2B clients and we are increasingly involved in content strategies and content creation; copy writing, photography, infographics and video production. In our experience there is no doubt that content is a challenge for businesses, but it is also a fantastic marketing opportunity.

As a business you may be using content marketing effectively. If not you may be missing out, so how to start? You may be able to create some great content in-house. Do you have people in your business who can write short pieces on their area of expertise? Why not rotate writing responsibility to a different person each month? You can push out your content via your website, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. All good stuff.

Alternatively we can get help. We can create compelling content for you and distribute it through the right channels to gain interest and, importantly, enquiries.

So yes, content is certainly a challenge in 2016, but don’t be put off, have a go and see what happens.

Written by. Richard Jaggs

Richard Jaggs