Email marketing has been around for years, so does it still work?

Certainly we’re all busy deleting the rubbish, spammy emails, but we’re also actively engaging with the relevant, well produced email… the GOOD stuff.

So here are a few tips for producing the good stuff…

Don’t spam
Make sure you have permission to send. That means express, verifiable permission to receive email communications from you. We advise that you don’t use rented and purchased lists and that your audience have either asked to receive emails from you, or they already have a clear relationship with your organisation (as a customer, employee, or engaged prospect for example).

Not too many
Sending too many emails is the number 1 reason people unsubscribe, so don’t broadcast blindly. Moderate your output, target it and send it at just the right time.

Organise your audience
Relevant targeted emails will get far better results. So use the data you’ve collected to segment your subscribers, and create targeted, personalised emails.

Design for mobile
Over 50% of email is opened on mobiles, so make sure you design for the small screen first. Also use a responsive design template or framework to make sure your email delivers effectively across all devices.

Remember scanners
Opening rates generally range from 10% (poor) to 40%+ (excellent), but that doesn’t mean the remainder aren’t noticing your email, they will be scanning it… so remember to capture the idea of your email with a strong image and catchy headline.

Automate, mate
Nurtured subscribers are more engaged and make more purchases. So create automated campaigns that are made up of a series of emails that deliver your best content over time.

When is the right time to send? There is no hard and fast rule but if in doubt send your emails early, as over 50% of people check their email first thing, so you can catch them before they get too bogged down.

Lovely pictures
Our brains process images much faster than text (60,000 x faster apparently), so think about your text to image ratio and take time to choose or create your images.

Use video
Adding video can increase your click throughs dramatically, in one study up to 300%…  ’nuff said.

Get animated
Animated GIFS are a great way to add fun and interest to emails and research indicates that they increase click throughs by 42%, conversion by 130% and purchases by 109%.

Integrate with social media
Use email and social media together to reinforce your message. People check their phones on average 150x per day and will flip between emails and social media. Also don’t forget to add email signup to your social media…

Test, test, test
Always test your emails carefully. Check for mistakes and importantly for display issues on different devices and email clients. A great tool to help with this is Litmus.

Get the right platform
To deliver effective email marketing you need a good platform, with all the functionality to deliver all the points above, plus much more. If you’re looking,  our email marketing platform is a great option, it’s used by many well-know businesses, and responsible for 1,000,000’s of great emails every year.

Written by. Richard Jaggs

Richard Jaggs