Cast you mind back, through the mists of time, to an age when all aspiring businesses had to have an impressive brochure. It’s not so long ago, but now everything has changed, web is king, so does your business need a brochure?

Most businesses have cut down on their printed marketing materials, shifting their money and efforts to their websites, email marketing and other online marketing activities. There’s no question that a good website is now the most important marketing priority, fulfilling most of the roles of the brochure, plus many more. For delivery of content, ease of updating, interaction and accessibility web based marketing is great, but does a brochure deliver things that a website cannot?

We are regularly involved in the design and production of brochures and the process is enormously satisfying, particularly when you see the final brochure for the first time. The fact that you can touch and feel a brochure is, of course, one of the differences from websites. Brochures are tangible, real and not virtual, this helps to communicate credibility. With good quality design and proper consideration of format, print processes, paper stock and finishing a good brochure can deliver an experience that a website cannot, as well as communicating your brand and setting you apart from your competition.

So whilst the web has taken over much of the vital everyday marketing activity there is still space for a good brochure to add that something extra. From our point of view we love what the web can do, but we still have plenty of time for great brochures in the mix.

Written by. Richard Jaggs

Richard Jaggs