On the 28th July Google sent out 100,000’s, possibly millions of notifications to website administrators who use Google webmaster tools (now called ‘search console’) to let them know that ‘Googlebot cannot access CSS and JS files’.

The message was to tell owners that their site will not perform optimally in searches until Google can access these files.

Fixing it requires a change to the robots.txt file. This file tells Google what it can and cannot index. Many sites are setup to allow Google to index the front end, customer facing area, but not the content management system. This makes sense as it’s only the front end that has the relevant search content. However, as part of Google’s new focus on responsive design, it now wants to see how your site is setup for mobile friendliness, which means it needs to see the CSS and JS files, located in the admin area.

We monitor all the sites we design & build, so if your robots.txt file needs updating we’ll be in touch to let you know.

If you’re not using Webmaster tools and you’d like to know if this applies to your site then please get in touch.

Written by. Richard Jaggs

Richard Jaggs