Starting this month, you will notice some exciting changes to your email marketing account. You can now create emails with more style and less fuss. With the new ‘drag and drop’ freestyle editor you can arrange content with greater flexibility. You can format your text in a style palette for consistency, add coloured backgrounds and edit images.

See below for more details about some of the great new features now available to you! But, don’t panic about the change, you still have the old campaign builder there to use if you prefer.


Flexible layout

  • Choose from one column, left column, right column or three column layouts, then customise as you please…
  • Assemble text and image boxes easily by dragging, dropping, rearranging and editing them.
  • Adjust the alignment of your content blocks, add captions and set text-wrapping to suit the content and style.
  • Use the Smart Sizing feature for images to automatically make them the same size and make sure they’re in proportion to your campaign.

Time Saving

  • With a new streamlined workflow you will save precious time…
  • An auto-save feature that saves as you go. No more clicking back and forth between edit and save.
  • Get a view of the campaign’s look without a whole lot of scrolling.
  • Live preview and proofing.

Creative formatting

Give your campaign a professional look with some excellent new features…

  • Background colours. Call attention to important blocks of content using colour, or set the background color of your entire campaign.
  • Borders. Highlight a section of content and add design interest, plus create coupons and call-out boxes.
  • Styles. Quickly apply coordinated styles for headlines, body text and captions.
  • Images. Choose an image from your computer or marketing email library, or connect to pictures on Facebook and Flickr.

Built-in testing features 

  • It’s super-easy to make sure your campaigns look great before you send…
  • Send free tests to up to any 25 people.
  • The system automatically adds “test” to the mailing’s subject line.
  • Add a note for your test recipients to call out sections you’d like them to proof or pay extra attention to!


Written by. Richard Jaggs

Richard Jaggs