Prolight Design specialise in the design, specification, manufacture and supply of lighting solutions for retail environments. They offer a range of services, including a full design consultancy from initial concept through to post-installation maintenance.

They are a creative business: they love design and work with some very impressive retail spaces for well-known retail brands. They wanted their website to reflect their creativity and also to reflect their technological know-how.

In late 2014, Prolight decided their website needed a redesign. We had designed & built their previous site in 2009, it had performed very well, but it was in need of an update.

“The previous site was about five years old and in need of a refresh and a re-think,” says Russell Matthieson, Prolight’s General Manager. “It wasn’t very user friendly and there were issues with how it displayed on tablets and other mobile devices. What we wanted was a new site which was user friendly and mobile device compatible.

ProLight Design Website

“What convinced us to use Resolution Design again was speaking with Richard and Rebecca [Jaggs, Managing Director and Creative Director], who impressed us with their great knowledge and understanding of our requirement. They focused on what we did as a business and who we are, and brought that to the design and build process.”

Optimising for the modern web

Our first plan of attack was on the much-needed technical updates. “There is a scrolling feature across and down the screen, and above all an easy flow and clear interface to the site,” Russell explains. “Overall the design is much clearer and cleaner; it’s simplified and we are sure it will give people who visit the site a good user experience.”

But the look of the site also needed modernising. Initially we put a design together using their existing logo but what became clear is that this logo did not reflect their identity and they needed something more modern. So we redesigned the logo and that took the website design in a new direction, much more up to date, more edgy, cooler.

We updated their logo, made it like a lightbulb using the P and D of their name; clean and modern, with a nice design twist. The site itself is very visual, with a creative, industrial feel, reflecting much of the lighting they design.

Going the extra mile

The redesign also took into account practical concerns. We needed to clearly define the customer journeys through the site ensuring that we direct people to the areas of the site they are likely to want to go, quickly and attractively.

With the content, we were also quick to step up when Prolight needed an extra helping hand. It became clear that they did not have the time to write it, so our team stepped in to create that web copy for them and used a relaxed style that expressed their friendly personality and would work well with their audience.

“As well as the site looking much better and reflecting our company focus on good design, the content is much better,” says Russell. “We like the irreverent style of the text and believe that it conveys our company ethos and what we are all about very well. It’s ‘friendly’, welcoming and approachable and that’s how we see Prolight and we want our clients to view us.”

Smooth & efficient process

As Russell tells us: “We had just two meetings with Resolution Design where we went through what we were looking for and what we wanted the new website to do. They had worked with us before and knew our company style which made things easier.”

“We just left the website designs to Resolution after initial meetings and briefings and the process was extremely easy. We let them have pretty much free rein with the design and they came up with exactly what we wanted and more.”

“The project took just over two months from start to finish and there were no problems at all.”

Prolight Design were happy customers for a second time. So would they choose us again?

“Resolution Design brought originality and great concepts to the website design and above all else a fantastic friendly attitude to the entire process,” says Russell. “We would 100% recommend Resolution for website and media design.”

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Written by. Richard Jaggs

Richard Jaggs