It’s frustrating when you find your website is loading too slowly. We all want to see those lovely big images of work or products but we also know that users will not have the patience to wait if they are slow to load. With the advance in technology there has long been an expectation for instant results and speedy content delivery, with large companies investing endless time and money to squeeze as much speed as possible from their website platforms. How can SME’s compete with the big budget players and still deliver a fantastic user experience to their site visitors?

The answer lies in Content Delivery Networks – the modern and clever way to bring your information and products straight to your customer in a fast and secure manner. CDN’s as they are known, work upon the principle that the less distance you have to travel to your website the faster it becomes, so building upon this idea, CDN’s push copies of your website to multiple locations around the world to deliver a ‘local’ experience. On average a website loads 50% faster when optimised through a CDN.

It doesn’t end there, having your website served from a CDN gives an extra level of protection to your website with automatic blocks for hacking attempts and other automated Internet nasties. Using this multi-platform delivery system your website can still show and operate to site visitors, even when your hosting server goes down!

At a glance CDN’s deliver:
> Faster web experience for visitors
> Extra security of your website
> Increase in reliability of website up-time
> Works with complex websites
> You can still show big pictures of your work
> Definitely no lag or frustrated waiting

For those of us who like metrics… did you know:
> 75% of the top 100 retail websites use CDN’s
> 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 4 seconds to load
> For every 1s in web page performance speed, Walmart experienced 2% conversion increase

Talk to us about how easy it could be to gain professional grade fast delivery of your website and put the smile back on your visitors faces.



CDNS Benefits


Written by. Matt Groom

Matt Groom