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Richard Jaggs

MD | Resolution Design

  • December 18, 2018
  • 5 minute read

So, let’s get personal with… Richard Jaggs.

  1. What do you do at Resolution?
    As MD I’m responsible for the direction of the Agency, establishing a sound strategy & supporting the team to make sure we have all we need to deliver great work. I’m involved to some extent in all areas of the business, but I’m also the lead for new business activity & marketing strategy. Day to day my work involves quite a bit of screen time, numerous client meetings & a bit of wandering about interrupting people who are trying to work
  2. What is the first thing you do when you get into the studio?
    Tea. A trip to the kitchen for a cup of builders; milk, no sugar. Very occasionally I’ll have a coffee first thing, but only when I really need a kick-start.
  3. What first inspired you & Becky to start Resolution?
    Primarily a desire to make our own way & to be one of the ‘good guys’. We wanted to build an ethical & responsible Agency to help SMEs to succeed & have a positive impact on the local economy. Part of this was a desire to feel proud of our business, our work & our team, & also to hopefully enjoy financial success. The other part was to avoid long hours, commuting & the toxicity that can come from a purely profit-centric culture.
  4. If you could be anybody for the day, who would it be & why?
    To be a great tennis player on a Grand Slam final day, that would be incredible. So, let’s say Roger Federer, as I also love the way he plays.
  5. What is the most unusual place you’ve ever been?
    Becky was working in Hong Kong in 1990, I went out to visit her. Being there as a Brit, not long before handover was fascinating & great fun. But the most unusual place would be the trip we made from Hong Kong to Guilin in the Guangxi region of China. Guilin is set in an amazing landscape of jutting limestone karst hills & with no capitalism, no cars & thousands of cyclists. It was a genuine culture shock. Policemen wore wellies, the new department store had muddy, broken escalators & 1950’s white goods on the top floor. We took a river boat down the River Li, through spectacular scenery & saw traditional fishing using cormorants. As the only western man, I was challenged to drink quite a bit too, but Tsingtao is very good.
  6. What is one thing you always carry on you?
    These days my phone, but before Apple pay it would be my wallet. Always pays to be prepared.
  7. What excited you the most about Resolution?
    I love the challenge of growing the business, seeing our progression from start-up to established small business. We now have numerous projects going on & are venturing into some exciting new areas. We work internationally (Hong Kong by coincidence) & have some exciting opportunities with web products. We’re also getting recognised for the quality of our work & building a great reputation in Wiltshire & in the South West. So, there’s a lot to be excited about! We have a great deal we still want to achieve & we’re really looking forward to finding out where the journey takes us.

So that’s it, the very last ‘Let’s get personal’. We hope that now you know us that little bit better, whether it’s from the weird food combinations, travel stories or dodgy cakes. Thank’s for sticking around!

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