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Richard Jaggs

MD | Resolution Design

  • July 20, 2020
  • 2 minute read

Since lockdown, the studio has been closed, and will likely remain so for a while longer. What has that meant for us all? Well, take a tour through our lockdown gallery for a glimpse into our worlds.

Cue the gallery music…

Resolution studio closed
And so it begins…
Sam's office
Sam’s multi-screen battle station
Becky's breakfast
Breakfast for Becky, Poppy chills
Debbie's aeroplane
Debbie receives a plane
Paper plane note
with a note from child 2… nice cursive
Richard's shed
Richard’s shed conversion… with turntable
Matt's office
Matt settles in to some code
Amalie and Alfie
Happy Alfie with Amalie
Louise's desk
Louise gets tidy… very tidy
Tom walking
Tom getting to know the walks in Bristol
Rhi's dog Welly
Rhi’s dog Welly… partially submerged
Joel's dog Barney
Joel’s dog Barney… lockdown is the best thing EVER

Music fades…

Stay safe out there 🙂

Let’s get the

ball rolling…