If you have a computer, some spare time and about an extra £100, you can start your own web hosting company right now. However the chances are, you might not be a very good one and are likely to rank among the lowest echelons of web hosting companies worldwide! (even though the bar there is set pretty low). So here are things you need to look at to identify good web hosting companies:

1. Bandwidth and Disk Space

There’s a tendency right now in the market to label everything as infinite – both disk space and bandwidth. It is only when look at the finer points do you see the catch. A good web hosting company will make sure these finer points are not as subtle, and that you have as much information as you need to make an informed decision.

2. Technical Support

Do they have a number that you can call and someone picks up? Does the person you’re talking to seem to know their stuff? Can they help you understand why Package A is better than Package B? If the answer to these questions is yes, chances are you’ve found a good one.

3. Infrastructure

Everyone promises a 99.9% uptime until you get into their systems. What makes a web hosting company good is technical infrastructure in the backend to support these claims. Read up on the servers they will use to host your website, and if the servers are top of the line, you can’t go wrong by choosing them.

4. Customer Reviews

So when you check out the company’s services, they seem to have the best price, best support, best infrastructure, best everything. What are you missing? The answer is simple – you need to hear from people who have tried the web hosting company before. If they generally leave a lot of satisfied customers, that’s proof right there that they are good at what they do.

There are quite a few other factors people talk about when identifying a good web hosting company – price, ability to let your websites scale easily, additional plug and play features offered, the quality of their hosted e-mails and the UI of the backend admin panel available for you to manage your websites. However, if the company meets the criteria outlines in the four points above, you’re already on your way to making a winning choice.

Written by. Richard Jaggs

Richard Jaggs