We are always looking for ways to help you improve your marketing, to that end we have recently launched a new way of working. This new approach is so exciting because it makes your marketing more targeted, more effective and much better value.

A bit of background

Most of the businesses we talk to are SMEs (small to medium sizes enterprises), turning over between £1M and £50M. They all find marketing increasingly challenging, particularly in the digital arena, where marketing options are changing so fast. It’s very difficult to stay on top of developments in all the potential channels like websites, social media, email marketing, SEO (search engine optimisation), PPC (pay per click), online advertising etc. In addition it’s difficult to find the specialist resources needed to deliver in all the various marketing channels.

All the businesses we talk to would like cost effective solutions and a crucial element in solving these problems is ensuring businesses have effective marketing strategies and action plans.

Marketing Strategy



We have now formalised how we deliver strategic marketing guidance and in August we introduced this more complete approach to marketing to a small number of existing clients. All liked the idea of us creating a marketing strategy and working proactively with them as their outsourced marketing team to deliver their objectives for agreed budgets.

So instead of coming to us and saying ‘we’d like a website please’ or ‘we’d like a brochure please’, we’re encouraging you to come to us and ask ‘how can we increase sales of widgets by 25%’ or ‘how can we double our enquiries’. We will then work out who your target markets are, which communication channels to use, what message to send and which performance indicators to use to measure success. We’ll plan, deliver and report the success of your marketing against your objectives.

To date we have completed annual marketing strategies for 4 businesses, which we are now busy delivering. Creating the strategies has uncovered vital insight. In all 4 plans the new approach is very different to all previous marketing, more targeted, more structured and with clear performance measures.

Supporting our complete marketing solution

We love this new approach and are excited by the possibilities. We are now supporting this service by adding new specialists to our growing team. In June we welcomed Chris Rowlatt. Chris is a very experienced web developer and is helping us deliver web based business applications, mobile apps and helping manage the growing website hosting arm of our business.

In September Debbie Parsons joined the team. Debbie is an experienced Account Manager having worked for marketing agencies in York, Geneva and London with a variety of clients including large multinationals. Debbie has joined specifically to help deliver this new approach as a dedicated account manager for clients on our strategic plans. She will coordinate all work, report on results and give valuable marketing insight.

Do you need help creating a marketing strategy? If you’d like to know more about our new strategic approach please contact us.


Written by. Richard Jaggs

Richard Jaggs