If you use our email marketing platform you may have noticed the dashboard has had a bit of a refresh. The good news is that along with the new look you now have access to a whole host of brilliant new features and functionality to help improve your future campaigns.


 A calendar is an essential tool when planning your marketing activities. Your home page now includes a new marketing calendar which lets you view your email schedule easily and make adjustments as you need.

Features include

  • Quickly view sent and scheduled mailings
  • Access the response report for previously sent mailings
  • Easily cancel scheduled mailings
Email marketing calender



Want to be able to create beautiful and effective landing pages anytime you need them? Now you can! 

Our brand new landing page builder lets you create effective click through landing pages in the same way you make an email with our drag and drop editor. These pages are self-publishing. Simply build your landing page, hit ‘publish’ and you’ve got a shareable link perfect for accepting traffic from all of your channels.

Features include

  • Drag and drop editor to create your landing page
  • Unique URL which means you can update the content as you need
  • Track link clicks with Google Analytics
marketing landing page


If you have been relying on trial and error to see which content works best in your emails you will love A/B content testing. 

A/B content testing takes away this guesswork and lets your subscribers have a say in how you market them. You can now test variables from 2 emails (such as length of email, subject lines, imagery etc) across a percentage of your audience.

The winning email will automatically be sent to your remaining subscribers based on what you are testing – highest open rate, overall clicks or clicks on one particular link, or you can manually set a winner.

You’ll see what aspects of your email worked and where you can make improvements.

email marketing content testing

To see more of these features, log into your email marketing account and they are ready for you to start using. 

If you don’t currently use email marketing and want to find out more about how it could help your business do get in touch.

Written by. Louise Buscombe

Louise Buscombe