The first 7 of hundreds of new top level domain names have gone live this month. These new suffixes are .bike, .clothing, .guru, .holdings, .plumbing, .singles and .ventures. An additional 7 domain names are planned for rollout this week .camera, .equipment, .estate, .gallery, .graphics, .lighting and .photography.

This change represents the largest expansion of domain names in the history of the internet. Anyone can register the new domain names and many of the large brands have already taken steps to secure the domains they are interested in during the ‘sunrise period’ prior to general release.

This domain name expansion is an opportunity and a threat for businesses. Organisations who buy domain names to sell on, sometimes called Cyber squatters, will be buying up the domains that they believe could be good investments. Most UK businesses ensure they secure the most important domain names like and .com, but you may be wise to secure further domains to protect your internet real estate and make the most of marketing opportunities.

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Written by. Richard Jaggs

Richard Jaggs