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Richard Jaggs

MD | Resolution Design

  • March 21, 2019
  • 3 minute read

We decided to tackle the confusion and misconceptions around digital marketing at our latest ‘Making Sense of Digital Marketing’ workshop. The aim was to provide a brief introduction to the many different elements, get people talking and make everything slightly less daunting.

At 5:30pm, our attendees arrived at the studio for drinks & nibbles where we spent a short while chatting in front of the fire – so far so good! Following a brief introduction from Richard, we then split the delegates up into two groups and got stuck in.

In the cottage, Richard explored why high ranking sites manage to achieve top ranking positions, as well as explaining why and how to use Google Adwords to deliver targeted visibility on Google for important search terms.

Debbie then highlighted the importance of producing content geared to customer needs and queries. This was in the format of a fun exercise that our attendees could take away and use for their own businesses.

Taking notes

Over in the studio, Louise talked about the benefits of using email marketing and how great design is not the only factor to be aware of to make a campaign successful.

Rhi & Louise

Rhi covered the advantages of using social media and the importance of choosing the correct platform(s) for your audience and that will offer value to your business.

Previously, our workshops have followed a speaker led format. This time, we decided to make it more ‘activity led’ to create more engagement. The new format was well received not only by our attendees but also by all of us at Resolution.

“The format was engaging and brought to life some of the topics covered. I think it is good to get as much practical and relevant guidance as possible, which I think you achieved well.”

“I wanted to thank you and your team for a fantastic and informative evening… I look forward to future events”

“It’s really great to find such an honest, relaxed, competent and friendly team so close by – thank you!”

“It has inspired me to learn more about digital marketing!”

Overall, it was yet another successful GetTogether and we’d like to thank all those that attended, it was a great turnout. I guess this means we’d better get planning the next one?

Let’s get the

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