This post is designed to help you construct a brief for a new website. In order to understand your requirements and produce a quote we need you to consider the following points, all of which should be covered in your brief.

Existing website
Do you have an existing site? In summary why is your existing site not working for you? (you will be able to give specifics in the sections below).

Domain names
What will be the main domain name for the site? Do you own the domain or would you like us to purchase it? Are there any other domain names you would like us to purchase?

Aims of the site
What are the main aims of the website? Please specify in order of priority and give details, for example increase enquiries, add credibility, deliver information, sell products etc.

Please detail the structure of the site, as a site map, showing the main navigation and any secondary & tertiary navigation.

Customers and customer journeys
Please detail the main customer types and the journey that you would like them each to take through the site, including details of the final action.

Please confirm the brand you will be using (or if you need help with this). Please include any brand guidelines you’d like us to follow.

Please confirm the styling you’d like us to follow, include any example or guidelines, or let us know if you’d like help with this.

Written content
Will you be supplying the written content? Would you like help either editing the content or would you like us to arrange for copy writing?

Photography & video
Will you be supplying imagery and/ or video for the site? Would you like help with this? Would you like a photo shoot or royalty free imagery? Please give details and if you have a budget available.

Is there any important functionality that you’d like the site to have, for example:
> Content management system (CMS), so you can edit the content of the site yourself
> Responsive design, so the site adapts for mobiles and tablets
> E-commerce, please give details of required functionality, including your payment provider
> Interactive elements
> Forms
> Other

Would you like basic site analytics or more advanced analytics? What information do you want to know? Do you use Google analytics already?

Search engine optimisation (SEO)
Is being found on search engines important (specifically Google)? Do you have a plan for SEO or would you like some help? Do you have a budget for SEO? Do you have an existing site that you would like the new site to redirect to? Are there any specific keyword phrases you’d like us to target?

Email marketing
Do you want to use email marketing and have a signup from the website? Do you use an email marketing system or would you like help?

Social media
Do you use any social media platforms? Would you like help setting platforms up? Do you want social sharing from your pages? Do you have a social media plan or would you like some help?

Hosting & emails
We host almost all the sites we build. Would you like us to host your site? Please give details of the emails that you will need and if you are planning to use a 3rd party email provider or exchange server.

Ongoing maintenance
Would you like us to ensure your site stays up to date and error free? Please specify any support services you will need.


Written by. Richard Jaggs

Richard Jaggs