Websites that are responsive have been around for a while, but they have not been mainstream, however being responsive may now be an essential for all websites.

A standard fixed width website looks good on a desktop, but as the screen size decreases so will the site (or scroll bars will be required). By the time you reach mobile size the site is tiny and almost certainly unreadable, forcing the user to zoom in and move around to find what they want.

A responsive site is different.  It cleverly adapts it’s display depending on the device it is being viewed on, so it can fit perfectly for a desktop, tablet or mobile device. If you are viewing the site on a mobile the site is the right width, readable and easy to interact with. Take a look at the rather lovely example below (nicely designed by Matthew).


You could have a separate website just for mobile devices, but why do this when you can have one site that adapts to all devices? A responsive site is also no more expensive and means you only have one site to maintain and update, not two.

So why is this more important now? Well tablet and mobile use has exploded and we’re all accessing websites using multiple devices. In fact many people are only using tablets and mobiles and some just mobiles…

Fortunately there is good news, we can make most standard websites responsive for sensible prices, if you’re interested to know more please contact us.

Written by. Richard Jaggs

Richard Jaggs