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Richard Jaggs

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  • November 24, 2020
  • 4 minute read

What’s a reasonable blog post price? What goes into the creation of great content? Is it worth it?

A content-sparse website has more in common with the penny-farthing than you might think. Both are of little use to the modern customer, and both have been far outstripped by fresh innovation.

While different sectors have different content needs, the average online audience expects to find useful, beautifully packaged information when they visit a website. Relevant brands pivot to meet our ever-evolving needs, and today’s shopper turns overwhelmingly to digital content for guidance. 

Then again, there’s good content, and there’s bad content. In this piece, we discuss the value of a high calibre blog post – and the graft that goes into it.

The pull of good prose 

As we know, businesses that prioritise their blogging output benefit – big time. They enjoy 13x the ROI of brands that don’t, and those with blogs generate 67% more leads per month than those without one. 

More affordable than large-scale multichannel marketing, blogging can play a pivotal role in a brand’s content marketing strategy, boosting website traffic, building awareness, and winning customers’ trust. The average blog post price gets you a lot of bang for your buck.

Customers viewing a blog post

6 out of 10 shoppers look to blog posts when beginning their purchasing journey. Over half of B2B customers check out a minimum of 8 pieces of content during the buying cycle: if a brand’s content fails to offer taut, clearly reasoned information, they will drop it from their consideration pool. 

The competition is enormous – over 600 million blogs – so customers can afford to be picky. They’re looking for high-quality content that focuses on delivering valuable insights, rather than sales-hungry soundbites. 

To ensure you’re covering topics that are interesting and relevant, you need an acute understanding of your audience, plus visually appealing design – at a minimum. 73% say they skim blog posts, while content with images wins 94% more views. Attention spans are flighty. 

A need for speed or time well spent?

According to research, almost 40% of writers who spend over 6 hours crafting a blog post report better results those who spend between 1-2 hours on a piece of content.

When considering what a reasonable blog post price might be, you need to consider your goals – is quality or quantity your primary concern? Or both?

If your mission is purely to direct as much traffic to your site as possible, you’ll want to publish as frequently as you can – brands that blog 16 times a month generate 3.5x more traffic than companies that release under four posts a month. 

Person writing a blog post

Looking to build brand awareness, set yourself apart from the crowd, and generate robust leads? Then you’ll likely need a smaller quantity of premium content that is uniquely appealing and intelligent – ultra digestible, informative pieces peppered with attractive visuals.

This is the kind of content we recommend. You can drive people to your site pumping out SEO-friendly 2000 worders, but consider the following points:

  • Are the people you’re driving to your website likely to convert into customers – are they valuable leads or one-click wonders?
  • If someone lands on your site only to find patchy, repetitive, or poorly composed content, what does that do to your credibility? Will this win or erode their trust?
  • Does this content accurately reflect your brand personality? Tone, visual identity, and formatting should be consistent, so customers know what to expect.

Blog post price options

There are a few avenues you can go down for content creation, depending on your budget and objectives.


If you’ve got willing writers within your existing team, great. This might be your Marketing Manager or another employee who is creatively talented.

Keeping your content writing in-house can save you money, but it’s essential to ensure:

1. The chosen team member can set aside a realistic amount of time to write.
2. They actually want to write (and enjoy it).

Consider incentivising staff with a rewards system; for example, you could award a bonus or voucher for each blog post written.

Content mills

There are plenty of content mills offering bumper budget blog packages, but you get what you pay for.

Alarm clock

If someone is quoting rock bottom prices, they’ll need to write fast to make it worth their while – and when words are rushed, quality and accuracy are sacrificed. For this reason, be wary of those who offer bids based on cost per word.

An external copywriter or agency

Sparkling, well-researched content takes time – and, yes, costs a little more. You may choose to enlist a ghost writer who simply writes and sends across text, or commission content from a creative agency offering a comprehensive service, such as us.

Our content writing packages start at £500 and can include:

Online briefing
In-depth research
Blog post creation
Uploading the post to your website
Formatting and imagery
Relevant internal and external links

Prices can reach roughly £1,000 depending on the length of the blog post required and the additional services included.

Hardworking words

Great content is a solid investment because it provides genuine value exchange. It’s one of a kind, entertaining, useful, specific, and delivers what it promises – everything search engines love and reward. 

It puts you in front of the right pairs of eyes – your target audience – while making your brand memorable. 

You can find our guide to crafting the perfect blog post here, but below is a whistle-stop tour of everything amazing content calls for:

  • A willing wordsmith with enough spare time
  • A distinctive voice consistent with your brand personality.
  • Flawless grammar, zero typos, and no duplication.
  • Trustworthy, reliable research – forget vacuous claims and broken links.
  • Crisp visuals that match your brand and keep readers engaged.
  • Strategy-driven SEO.

Putting all of this in place requires time and effort, but the best content pays for itself many times over. To find out more about our copywriting service and blog packages, please get in touch for a friendly chat.

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