We are becoming increasing busy with SEO work and SEO advice. Now SEO is important, done well it can deliver very significant increases in website traffic, but don’t forget the importance of delivering a good user experience.

Put simply, you can have a site that is number 1 on Google for vital search terms, but if that site doesn’t help the user take the actions you want then what use are the ranking results? In our book SEO is not just about getting better rankings, it’s about delivering results and doing this is all about delivering great design, so here’s our top 5 design tips to deliver a great user experience:

1. Logical site navigation – make sure users can find everything they need with the minimum of clicks, this is harder than it sounds!

2. Clear goals for each page – make sure you know the point of each page and design the page to make things nice and easy for the user, clearly communicating the next steps and the benefits.

3. Deliver a clear journey – deliver information logically, increasing the level of detail progressively and always be moving towards your goals.

4. Be fast – deliver information quickly, don’t include unnecessary content, keep contact forms short, use clever graphics as well as words.

5. Look good  – first impressions matter, so do 2nd and 3rd… look good while delivering what you need, consistently, on every page.


Written by. Richard Jaggs

Richard Jaggs