Do you want a simple online marketing plan that will take care of many of the most important aspects of online marketing all in one go? Something that won’t take up too much time, is relatively simple to setup and gives great results?

Here’s our simple recipe for online marketing success:


1. Write a piece for your blog at least twice a month (4 blog posts is perfect). Make the posts relevant to your business, interesting and use phrases in the title and content that people might search for on the search engines.

2. Notify your online community when you’ve written each of your new blog posts by linking to them from your social media, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. To do this simply tweet, Facebook etc. about your post and include a link back to the relevant post page on your website.

3. Each quarter send out a simple email newsletter highlighting at least 4 of your most interesting posts, with title and a short opening paragraph, with ‘read more’ link sending people back to your posts on your website.

4. Encourage people to spread the word about your efforts by telling others, through social media, or by forwarding emails. New people can then follow you on social media, or signup to receive your quarterly email newsletter.

5. Make sure your site has a clear conversion journey. Or, in English, if you want leads, make sure users are encouraged to contact you, in whatever way they wish, and the process is nice and simple.

You’ll need

– A nice website with a blog or news section
– Social media pages
– An email marketing account
– A ‘signup to receive enews’ form/ link on your website

So there you have it, a nice bit of SEO by adding regular fresh content, some useful social media activity and even a quarterly newsletter, all wrapped up to deliver more business for your company.

Still too hard?

OK, you may not have a blog, or an email marketing account, or time/ resource to write the blog posts. No problem, we can help with any/ all elements of this plan. If you want to do EVERYTHING, including writing the blog posts, fine, we can do it. Or maybe just setup a Facebook for you so it looks really nice, also fine. Simply give us a call on 01380 728898, we’d love to help.

Not hard enough?

Is this simple plan, well, too simple? Do you need a digital marketing strategy to drive your business forward? We can help put one together for you, please contact us for more information.


Written by. Richard Jaggs

Richard Jaggs