The Resolution email marketing system now has social sharing options available for all account holders.

This new capability allows all recipients of email campaigns sent from our system to share the campaigns with their social networks on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, meaning that email campaigns can now reach a much wider audience!

Here’s how it works:
When creating a new campaign account holders see the option to click the ‘Add Social Sharing Options’ button’. By ticking the relevant boxes account holders select the options their audience will have to share their email campaign.

How do recipients ‘share’ the campaigns?

Email sharing
By clicking the envelope icon on the campaign, recipients will be taken to a web page that allows them to safely forward the campaign to up to five email addresses. They can also add a personal note to accompany the email.

Facebook sharing
Clicking the Facebook icon will take the recipient to the Facebook login page. After logging in, they’ll be prompted to type a message or comment. By then clicking ‘Share’ the recipient makes the campaign link and its accompanying message visible in their profile for all of their friends to see.

Twitter sharing
Clicking the Twitter icon will take the recipient to their Twitter login page. After logging in, they’ll see a pre-populated tweet with the link to your email. They can change the note that appears before the link, or add a note after it. By clicking the Tweet button, they’ll post it to the feeds of all of their followers.

LinkedIn sharing
Clicking the LinkedIn icon will take the recipient to the LinkedIn login page. After logging in, they’ll see the option to post the campaign to LinkedIn updates, or share with individual contacts.

If you would like to know more about the Resolution email marketing system, or need some help with creating an email worth sharing, please contact us.

Written by. Richard Jaggs

Richard Jaggs