Developing an attractive and effective business identity is critical to the development of a successful brand. You don’t have to be large business to have a successful brand, by ensuring your logo reflects the personality and aspirations of your business, and by expanding that identity attractively and consistently through your marketing materials, you’re on the way to creating a successful brand.

We’re often asked why developing a brand is so important, the short answer is that sales become easier. You still need to market as normal, but you become ‘stickier’, new customers are more comfortable dealing with you and existing ones more likely to come back.

Below are two organisations we have recently re-branded and one new brand.


Wessex Association of Chambers of Commerce are going through significant changes to confirm themselves as Wiltshire’s premier business network. As part of this process their identity needed to move forward to communicate the professional and progressive nature of the organisation. We were commissioned to create the new logo for the Association and also design, build and launch their new website.

Within the logo work we also considered the name of the organisation, which was simplified to Wessex Chambers; more approachable, memorable and easy to use than than their full name. The new logo is composed of small squares, in a larger block, reflecting the fact that Wessex Chambers includes a network of 19 town Chambers of Commerce. The colours are contemporary and clean, with a credible, attractive font for the new name.

The website develops the styling established by the logo, keeping the feel clean, fresh and engaging. The structure of the website is carefully considered to ensure that the site is easy to navigate, feels simple to use and includes all essential content, without unnecessary over complication. We gave Wessex Chambers the ability to manage the content of the site via a custom built content management system. This system includes extensive functionality including full member, news and event management.


The Quarr group is the holding company for 3 companies, each of which had been through a re-brand in the last few years. We were asked to re-brand the group by creating a new identity and website. The Quarr Group wanted their identity to reflect the identities of the Companies that it owns and to communicate the credibility and strength of the group as a whole.

The logo is an interpretation of the Q in their name, integrating the brand colours of the subsidiary companies weaved together indicating the linked nature of their business activities. The name is in a strong contemporary font and the overall impression is clean and credible.

The website is attractive and professional, acting as an effective platform to showcase the subsidiary companies. It is simple to navigate and used the Resolution CMS system to allow full content management of all the pages.



ABD Care is a specialist division of Awdry Bailey and Douglas solicitors providing advice about recovery of care home fees and protection of personal assets for the elderly. Because of the specialist nature of this area we were asked to create a new logo and website for this division to communicate their expertise and be attractive to their target market. The identity needed to reflect the expertise of the advice whilst also being friendly and approachable.

In the logo development we picked up the the idea of ‘wise advice’ and followed this through to incorporate an owl and ‘wise advice’ in the strap line. The use of the owl makes the brand more friendly and we also used warm but professional colours and lower case for the abdcare name. In combination these elements present abdcare exactly as required.

The website develops the logo and is designed with older user in mind, incorporating clear navigation, ability to increase text size, quick contact form, prominent 0800 phone number and the Resolution CMS system.

If you’re interested in finding out how we could brand or rebrand your business please call us on 01380 728898.

Written by. Richard Jaggs

Richard Jaggs