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Emma Hart

Communications Manager | Resolution Design

  • May 13, 2024
  • 5 minute read

This May marks Mental Health Awareness Week, a nationwide initiative to raise awareness, drive conversations and increase public understanding about issues regarding mental health. 

Join us as we chat with our mental health and wellbeing champion, Rowena Dymond, who shares her valuable tips and insights on how we can all do our part in prioritising our mental health in the workplace.

  1. How do you support the organisation with mental health?

As a small business, we have implemented new processes to ensure we offer comprehensive support to the team. I have helped develop this new approach to create a supportive and understanding culture across the organisation. 

Last year we introduced a 4.5 working day week to encourage a healthy work-life balance and we also work remotely on Monday and Friday. These introductions have helped boost productivity and retain talent. 

  1. What steps does the agency take to improve team well-being?

Aside from flexible working, we have regular check-ins and performance reviews to provide feedback, guidance, and support to employees. We encourage an open dialogue about goals, challenges, and areas for improvement. Where we only used to have an annual appraisal for staff, we have now introduced a review every three months with a strong focus on mental health and wellbeing. 

We’ve developed a supportive and inclusive workplace culture where employees feel valued, respected, and encouraged. We also have fun as a team with regular socials, including a team lunch in the diary once a month where we can escape the studio and get to know each other personally and socially. Hopefully, as the sun starts to appear, we will begin holding a few outings to the pub after work to switch off from talking shop completely. 

  1. What do you like most about your mental health and wellbeing champion role? 

One of the aspects I enjoy most is the opportunity to make a positive impact on our team’s happiness, ensuring everyone feels listened to and supported. It is rewarding to know that we have an empathic approach so our team can lean into it whenever they might be experiencing mental health challenges. Whether it’s providing resources, lending a sympathetic ear, or advocating for better internal processes and support systems, knowing that I can make a difference in someone’s well-being is fulfilling.

  1. What does Mental Health Awareness Week mean to you personally? 

Mental Health Awareness Week encourages individuals to prioritise their mental well-being and ask for help when needed. It reminds us that seeking support is a sign of strength, not weakness and that there are resources and services available to assist those struggling with mental health challenges. At Resolution, we frequently remind the team that doors are always open if someone needs anything.

Personally, Mental Health Awareness Week serves as a reminder to reflect on my own mental well-being and practice self-care. It’s an opportunity to check in with myself, evaluate my stress levels, and engage in activities that promote mental wellness, such as mindfulness, exercise, and doing things that bring me joy!

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