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Richard Jaggs

MD | Resolution Design

  • June 26, 2018
  • 8 minute read

This is caused by a lack of people, time, know-how or good partners. This can result in a significant brake on business growth which can be frustrating.

It’s at this point many businesses take on a marketing assistant. This helps but is not a perfect solution. Why? Because no single person can have all the skills and knowledge required to fulfil the requirements for even a modest marketing strategy. A better option could be outsourced marketing.

You may be thinking; how can I benefit from outsourced marketing? Well…

Expert planning & reporting

With trends moving so rapidly, it can be difficult to know what activities you should be doing, and how. When outsourcing your marketing, that worry is removed, we’ve got it covered. We work alongside you to create your own marketing strategy, directed to help you reach your business goals, involving all appropriate channels and platforms with the most up to date info.

Team of specialists

To produce great marketing, you ideally want a great marketing department however, that comes at a cost. Outsourcing your marketing allows you to have a great team with a wide range of specialities in all areas of current modern marketing at your fingertips – often for less than the cost of one full-time employee.

Proactive marketing support

Marketing often gets pushed aside in busy times. You’ll be appointed a dedicated Account Manager who is focused on proactively delivering your agreed marketing actions and offering advice – all without you having to compromise on your business activities.

Creative & technical know-how

In-house marketing teams are often limited by the resources available to them meaning work isn’t always delivered in a clear and consistent manner. Outsourcing your marketing to an agency means you have access to a team of designers and developers all under one roof. You can be reassured that your marketing will always look good and perform well.

Great value with flexible monthly agreements

Hiring an entire marketing department is expensive and also takes a lot of time to find the right people and train them up. Once you have your marketing team in place you then need to find a fantastic supplier to support you in delivering your goals. Outsourcing marketing costs less than hiring one person and in return, you receive all the ideas and deliverables that will drive your marketing forward.

… has that answered your question?

We’ve been using the outsourced marketing model to help SMEs deliver highly effective marketing for several years, it’s a fantastic approach and it’s perfect for smaller businesses looking for more help as well as larger businesses looking for specialist marketing skills.

If you’d like to find out more about how we work, please click here or contact us to see how we can help you.

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