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Richard Jaggs

MD | Resolution Design

  • May 18, 2021
  • 4 minute read

Starting a new position as a Marketing Manager? It’s an exciting time. You come in with a whole raft of ideas, raring to grow the brand and win hearts and minds. The problem? Change is hard... some may be resistant to it and you’ll likely hit some roadblocks when pushing for modernised marketing.

So, how do you convince your Directors to embrace a new strategy and implement fresh ideas? Here are some thoughts.

Assess the competition

If you want to motivate your team to embrace modernised marketing, take a look at what your market competitors are doing – in particular, what they’re doing better than you.

Businesses with a blogging output generate around 55% more website traffic than those that neglect to, while brands with 30 or more landing pages win 7x more leads than those offering under 10 – and these are just some of the stats. In other words, if your competitors have a strong, digital-first strategy and your own offering is stuck in the past, today’s audience will click away from you.

Modernised marketing research

Research for modernised marketing

Research from Deloitte shows that more digitalised SMEs have a greater likelihood of enjoying revenue growth than their less digital competitors – and it’s no surprise. In addition to our search first, buy second culture, customers now expect brands to deliver highly personalised experiences: this is much easier using tools such as automated email workflows, targeted PPC ads, and data-driven content creation.

Get everyone on board

Having the company leader send out a memo committing to a marketing push is a great start, but you need follow-through. You should ask the senior team to show consistent support for the new marketing strategy and put measures in place to monitor key milestones along the way.


Of course, a shift in brand direction requires a significant cultural change in the workplace, beginning with education. This should involve sharing your competitor research and your new strategy with all relevant team members, to ensure they fully understand the importance of, and rationale behind the changes.

Make everything measurable

Integrating core indicators of your marketing success with a dashboard enables you to constantly monitor and measure activity, ranging from PPC to social media and website traffic.

From here, you can assess where your efforts are paying off – and where they might need tweaking. This enables the business leader to see the fruits of modernised marketing actions in real-time, helps legitimise the marketing scheme, and aids you in the generation of monthly reports that further your credibility by demonstrating clear results.

At Resolution, we encourage our clients to take our marketing dashboard, into which we can integrate a vast array of live digital marketing data, visible in one place in a neat, simple format. Website analytics, SEO measures, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, social media data, email marketing results… the list goes on.

Modernised marketing dashboard

Modernised marketing – worth it

The way we interact with brands is constantly evolving alongside technology and external factors… as we all know, in the past year, coronavirus had a dramatic impact on business behaviour, accelerating the shift to digital.

To remain visible and relevant, all businesses need to be on a mission to keep their marketing up to date, but you already knew that… now you just need to persuade everyone else.

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