Now you might be thinking that I should have gone for a cheeky little blog title, a play on Three Daggers… ‘cutting edge design’, ‘sharp design’ or even ‘Jaggers does Daggers’ (sorry about that… I certainly can’t take credit for the work…)

I settled for a title clear and to the point, because bringing their brand to life is what we’re doing, consistently and creatively applying their lovely identity across a whole range of things:

  • beer bottle labels, beer mats & product packaging
  • adverts & promotional posters
  • loyalty cards
  • a beer bus (yes, a bus full of beer! a lovely old Citroen in fact)
  • and a fantastic website – take a look www.threedaggers.co.uk



“We are so pleased to have found Resolution Design; they have produced our fantastic new website as well as lots of printed marketing material over the last few months. The whole team has been professional, quick to respond, and flexible to our ever-changing demands. It’s great to have a reliable, innovative design agency to work with and to have developed an excellent working relationship with Resolution.”

Robin Brown – General Manager, The Three Daggers

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Written by. Richard Jaggs

Richard Jaggs