Recently we’ve seen an increase in demand for printed materials, specifically brochures and leaflets for direct mail. Many of our clients find it is still an excellent way to present their business to potential customers, who either don’t know about them, or may be unaware of all the services they offer.

There is an argument to say this direct promotion can be completed more economically using digital marketing; social media, email marketing, PPC, SEO and content. Certainly the online channels are important, but they all require an action from the customer – either an email opt in, a ‘follow’ on social media or searching online – whereas print does not, it simply arrives.

Also, interestingly, according to Ofcom ‘tech tardiness’ is a real issue, 15m UK users are taking ‘digital detox’ breaks in order to strike a healthier balance between technology and life beyond the screen. We’re all being bombarded by digital messages every day, many unsolicited and automated, so maybe we’ll respond more favourably to a nice-looking piece of print landing on our desks? Something to browse through with a cup of coffee?

For these reasons, we thought we’d go back to print ourselves, something we haven’t done for a while. We designed an attractive 12 page brochure summing up our services with nice, clear messaging. We’ve used our new brochure as a leave behind and also sent it out to 100 carefully selected businesses, accompanied by a personalised letter.

Resolution Brochure

After less than 2 weeks, with no other follow-up, we’ve already received 4 high quality enquiries from our initial mailing. So an immediate 4% response rate on a cold mailing, that’s good. For the 4 who responded, they reported that they liked the brochure and the timing was good. Those that haven’t responded will get a polite phone call follow up and a request to add them to our email list, so we can keep in touch.

The investment was quite small and the returns are looking very promising, we look forward to reporting on the ROI in a few months’ time!

Written by. Debbie Parsons

Debbie Parsons