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Richard Jaggs

MD | Resolution Design

  • February 17, 2021
  • 4 minute read

Ok, so you’re considering rebranding. (Perhaps our thoughts on reasons to rebrand gave you that final push.) What next?

As we know, a stellar rebrand calls for exceptional creative, sensitivity, strategy, and, more than anything, a deep understanding of your business and your customers. If you want to build a lasting brand with a devoted, ever-expanding fanbase, it’s essential to get all of these things right – not just one.

So, how do you make sure your rebrand is successful?


  1. Follow a proven process
  2. Use a talented and experienced team to assist with the strategic and creative work
Our rebranding team

Our rebranding process

We love breathing new life into brands – and we’ve been doing it with great success for many years.

Rebranding is a journey. Conducted well, it’s extremely enjoyable, rewarding, and often delivers far more than expected, imbuing your business with a renewed sense of purpose, enthusiasm and drive.

1. Understanding who you are

As a start point, it’s critical that we understand your business. We ask all those difficult questions… what makes your business different? What’s your mission? What’s your vision? What’s your basic proposition? Your USP? Your values? You may not have all the answers, but that’s fine; we will be working with you to discover them so we can position your business perfectly.

2. Understanding your market

Understanding your sector, competitors, positioning, and audiences is vital. By analysing what you’re up against, how you’re currently placed in your market, and who your target customers are, we form the foundation for a powerful, knowledge-driven rebranding.

Gaiger logo

3. Creating your new logo & identity

Once we have a clear grasp of your current situation and what you want to achieve, we can start the rebranding process. This begins with the creation of a new logo to reflect your personality and objectives.

If you’re opting for a complete rebrand, we’ll consider other key elements of your identity as well, such as your mission, proposition, and tone of voice.

We’ll also provide you with a corporate identity document: this is a guide for the application of your new identity to core elements of your marketing, such as your website and print materials. It can be as simple or as comprehensive as you need.

Roebuck logo sketch

4. Applying your new identity

Armed with your new corporate identity, we can start the exciting process of applying it across your marketing materials and other key customer touchpoints. It’s also highly valuable to share your new brand and values with your staff, so they can play an active part in actualising the new company vision.

It’s important that you fully embrace the change and ensure your new identity is applied quickly and consistently to all aspects of your business, from your website to your signage, livery, stationery, and any other marketing deliverables. This extends beyond look and feel to tone of voice and the verbal communication of your new vision, values, and proposition.

It’s at this point that an integrated agency partner can be a real asset. We are such an agency. By being integrated, we are experts not only in identity creation but also in identity application.

In short, we offer a full rebranding service, from its strategic beginnings right through to the design and build of your new website, signage, interiors and more. After that, we can create and manage your ongoing marketing – everything from adverts to social media.

Hug branding

5. Protecting your brand

A footnote. Somebody somewhere needs to be the custodian of your brand: to be your brand police, to check that consistency continues to govern brand application over time. It’s very easy to let the brand slip unintentionally… stray adverts, incorrect logos, you know what I mean.

So, once you’ve created your new brand, protect it.

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