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Richard Jaggs

MD | Resolution Design

  • March 27, 2020
  • 6 minute read

Successfully navigating the turbulent waters of e-commerce is no easy task.

For starters, you need a great product and a winning advantage. But it doesn’t stop there – not if you want to go big. To reach the next level, you need an impressive website, backed by clever, artfully delivered digital marketing that delivers impressive traffic and meaningful sales conversion.

The evolution of Epigenetics

Wiltshire-based company Epigenetics develop and manufacture a unique range of innovative nutrition products and supplements. Their formulas are created using only the purest ingredients and the highest quality equipment, ensuring ‘that the product arriving at your door is as fresh as the ingredients it was made from.’

Building on more than four decades’ experience, Epigenetics has become the go-to supplier for a growing network of healthcare practitioners and health-conscious customers the world over.

However, by 2019, they needed real digital transformation. Only a very small percentage of their sales were online and their systems and processes were not integrated. This left an enormous scope for sales and efficiency improvements via intelligent digital systems and effective e-commerce.

So, in mid-2019 we were commissioned to create an advanced e-commerce website to significantly increase online orders and to incorporate their unique processes, boosting speed and efficiency. No small challenge.

Getting personal

Insightful technical design isn’t restricted to hard logic: it’s emotional. It revolves around the user – what they want, what they need, what they love. After taking the time to understand Epigenetics’s process, customer base, and vision, we proposed a bespoke e-commerce site, based on WordPress and using WooCommerce, with significant custom functionality to integrate their set of requirements.

Our team built a dedicated login area where practitioners and end-users alike could register as customers on the new Epigenetics site. This was twinned with an intelligent custom admin section that housed a virtual credit system, informed by a user’s shopping history and details.

The system allows practitioners to earn commission based on the products they buy, the balance of which can be redeemed against future purchases; this facilitates the automated maximisation of sales, promoting favoured products to customers then instilling a sense of loyalty via virtual rewards.

To enable the Epigenetics team to continually evolve and progress their level of service, we designed a bespoke application that can pull commission reports off the site, delivering key insights into customer buying patterns.

An advanced prescribing model was also crafted, providing the practitioner base with a free, valuable resource that perfectly complements the brand’s authoritative educational programme.

The result? A website that acts as a vehicle for a deeper, more reciprocal brand-customer relationship – one that pays long-term dividends.

Epigenetics website

A smooth operation

This project triggered a seismic operational shift for Epigenetics, calling for their entire system to be migrated from one platform to another.

They were already well-established when they commissioned the new e-commerce site, so limiting downtime on launch day was essential.

A rolling 24-hour sales window and international shipping duties further necessitated the need for a smooth, speedy transition.

Reaping the rewards

Epigenetics now has a polished, professional e-commerce site that works over-time, all the time, automating sales and forging bonds with practitioners worldwide.

Since the launch of the new site, online purchases have jumped from 15% to 55% of total orders, combined with a rapid rise in overall sales.

In the last analysis, online orders were higher on 16 out of 20 days across four working weeks, streamlining processes and freeing up the telesales team. Impressive, right?

Today, we continue to host and support the website, acting as an outsourced technical team for Epigenetics, adding new scale and functionality to the site as online sales continue to grow.

A truly great example of transformative tech in action, Resolution style.

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