Online quote calculator

In 2015 we were commissioned by an award-winning solicitor to create a bespoke system to generate conveyancing quotes for clients.


In conveyancing, there are four main categories of the quote and within each category many potential variables to take into consideration. As a result, producing quotes is reasonably complex and it’s easy to make a mistake. Quote production is also time-consuming particularly when you factor in the time to make the quotes look consistently good and convert them into the right format for either emailing or printing.


We created an easy to use online quote system that on the input of essential information automatically produces fast, accurate quotes, which can be sent by email with one click or printed out for posting.

The process to achieve this was as follows:

Stage 1 – understand all the requirements of the system, including inputs, calculations and required outputs.

Stage 2 – decide how the system would be built and where it would be located.

Stage 3 – build and launch the system


The system was quickly and easily adopted by the team and is being successfully used to deliver fast and accurate quotes every day. As a result of the success of the conveyancing quote calculator, we have been commissioned to produce 2 further applications to detail the apportionment of costs in residential and commercial lease contracts.