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Professional website hosting in Wiltshire, UK

Not all website hosting packages are created equal and having low-quality hosting will lead to slow website load speeds and potential security issues. We’ve done the hard work of identifying the best hosting from a good technical supplier and as an approved Agency Hosting Partner you only have to deal with us, real people on the end of a phone or email.

We use UK-based servers and come with our high levels of service, meaning we deal with everything for you.

We also offer domain name registration services and business-class email hosting with webmail and 25 GB of space. We can even manage the migration of emails from your current supplier to the new email platform.

For more information about our website hosting, domain registration and business email services please get in touch.

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Hosting features

Our website hosting has some fantastic features as standard, including:

> Phone and email support by our in-house team
> Free SSL Certificates
> Full website migration management
> Dedicated Firewalls
> 24/7 Real-time monitoring
> Automated backups
> Auto healing
> Regular security patching
> Optimised with advanced caches
> Cloudflare add-on


Shared VPS website hosting

We offer competitively priced shared Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting ideal for most business websites and optimised for WordPress sites. Shared hosting means that your site shares space and resources with other business sites, but we have our own virtual private servers, so you only share with sites we manage and we can ensure your site gets the resources it needs to be delivered securely and effectively.

> Standard shared VPS hosting
> Premium shared VPS hosting

Our packages start from just £180 pa and moving to us couldn’t be easier, we will deal with everything, ensuring you have the most suitable package and making sure your site is properly migrated to the new hosting and displaying correctly.


VPS hosting for larger sites, e-commerce and applications

We offer dedicated Virtual Private Servers (VPS) if your site or web application needs greater resources and security or you have multiple websites you’d like to place on one package for maximum cost-effectiveness.

> VPS 1 – 1GB RAM, 1 core processor, 25 GB storage 1 TB bandwidth
> VPS2 – 2GB RAM, 1 core processors, 50 GB storage 2 TB bandwidth
> VPS4 – 4GB RAM, 2 core processors, 80 GB storage 4 TB bandwidth
> VPS8 – 8GB RAM, 4 core processors, 160 GB storage 5 TB bandwidth
> VPS16 – 16GB RAM, 8 core processors, 320 GB storage 6 TB bandwidth


Domains and business emails

We can manage the purchase of any domain names you need for your business, including initial registration and ongoing renewal. Our domain service also includes advice on the domains you should own and on purchasing domains from resellers.

Business-class email hosting requires specialist, registered servers and is now almost always dealt with separately from website hosting. Your business may use a larger package like Google Workspace or Office365, but you may simply want a few emails, in these situations we can offer individual email packages with webmail and 25 GB of space.

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Why choose Resolution as your hosting partner?


We’ve been hosting websites for over 15 years and we are an Approved Agency Partner of our technical hosting supplier, so you’re in safe hands.

Sound advice

Hosting can be a bit of a minefield. We’ve surveyed the market for the best UK based hosting for businesses and we will advise you on the best solution for your requirements.


Whether you want us to host your site and manage your domains, or if you would prefer to manage this yourselves, we’re happy to help. Our focus is on delivering the most appropriate solution to help you achieve your goals.

Technical know-how

Hosting websites is a technical area. We proactively manage 100’s of sites and have all the skills and experience needed to ensure things run smoothly and any issues are fixed promptly.

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