Video can be a great promotional tool and a useful addition to your website. However one of the challenges with commercial videos is the hosting, you need to use a professional video hosting company. There are many good companies who will host videos for free, and share them with their community, provided that they are not commercial. However for commercial videos you will need to pay, unless you are happy to use YouTube.

Before I go any further, a polite disclaimer, you need to be careful with the use of video, in the same way as you do with imagery. You need to ensure that you either own the rights to the video, or you have the necessary permissions to use it in the way you are intending. Once you have done this you then need to be sure you comply with the rules of your video hosting company.

In the case of YouTube you can post your commercial video for free, then embed it into your website if you wish. You could also go one step further and customise the styling of your page, add an unlimited number of videos, exposing your business to a potentially huge audience (YouTube has an estimated 450 million unique visitors each month). YouTube is a world of it’s own, if you’re not familiar with it, brace yourself and take a look.

So why wouldn’t you use YouTube?
– All YouTube videos carry advertising (to support the free application), you may not want advertising associated with your video, or potentially competitor advertising being shown.
– You may not want to post your videos for all to see, amongst millions of other videos, you may just wish to embed your video into your own site.
– You may not want the YouTube logo on the bottom of your videos on your website.
– You may not want your brand associated with YouTube.

There are many paid alternatives to YouTube. Three well-know companies are Vzaar (starting from $29 per month), Vimeo ($199 pa) and Brightcove (current special offer £5/video/month).

However, good news! If you host your website with us we offer professional video hosting, supplied by one of the most respected hosting companies, at lower prices:
Pro video hosting, up to 5 videos – £60 plus VAT pa
Pro video hosting, more than 5 videos – £100 plus VAT pa

If your interested to know more about video, or our video hosting services, please give us a call on 01380 728898.

Written by. Richard Jaggs

Richard Jaggs