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Richard Jaggs

MD | Resolution Design

  • March 30, 2020
  • 6 minute read

If you want your business to grow, you have to market your brand. Digital is now wedded to almost every communicative signal we make. These two statements are indisputable.

Yes, there’s a lot to get your head around…SEO, email, social media, content, website optimisation, and much more. It’s a lot of work, and maybe you can’t justify hiring an in-house marketing team. Maybe you can’t attract the right talent. Maybe it’s all too time-consuming.

Ever thought about outsourcing your marketing?

I’ll look into it when I have more time…

That’s what I’m betting many of you are thinking…or have thought about paid advertising, lead generation, blogs, the merit of landing pages – the list goes on. And, really, if you’re an SME, I can understand why. You’re busy enough as it is and so your marketing ranks relatively low on the priority pyramid.

But as our virtual universe expands and grows in complexity, only a cogent, sustained marketing strategy will make it navigable for your brand and allow you to truly compete for turf. The alternative? Find yourself lost in outer space.

Consider the following:

– As of January 2020, roughly 4.54 billion people were counted as active internet users – that’s over half of the world’s population. In other words, the majority of your customer base is online.

– For every pound spent on email marketing ROI is just over £42. This makes sense, given that 2019’s total number of global email users hit 3.9 billion.

– Marketers who prioritise blogs are 13 times likelier to enjoy positive ROI. Consistent online delivery of relevant content that entertains is the order of the day in our search-first, buy-second culture.

The perks of outsourcing

So, what does outsourcing your marketing entail? Well, you can outsource any aspect of your marketing. Say you want to ensure that an engaging blog is written every month or an informative e-newsletter is sent, you can outsource these activities and countless more. Normally this is done on a traditional retainer-type arrangement, which can be very flexible.

We’ve been delivering exceptional marketing for over a decade, working with many successful businesses in the region. We pivot to meet our clients’ needs, working on specific projects, like a website or a brochure, or acting as their outsourced marketing team, choreographing certain parts of their ongoing marketing.

If your business is struggling to maintain a consistent, effective marketing effort, your first thought may be to get some part-time help, rather than look to outsource. Here are 3 key reasons outsourcing could be a better option for you…

Cost-efficient marketing

If you outsource your marketing to the right agency, you can get an entire marketing team, with all the design and technical skills needed to deliver professional marketing, typically for less than the price of a part-time employee.

How so? Well because the reality is this: you don’t need one single person to help with your marketing. You need a small part of lots of different people with different skills…designers, developers, managers, copywriters, and photographers with one shared goal: to grow your brand.

Sometimes you might need a lot of help, sometimes none at all – that’s the beauty of outsourcing, it’s flexible.

Top talent under one roof

Many disciplines sit under the marketing umbrella – strategy, design, web development, copywriting, and more.

A great creative marketing agency has already done the hard work for you – they’ve attracted and secured the best of the best in each key field, nurtured their talents, and proven their ability many times over.

Resolution Studio

Tried and tested processes

Resolution creates and manages exceptional marketing on a professional level. In the course of our work, we’ve helped a broad spectrum of clients – sparkling wine merchants, accountants, furniture designers, and everyone in between.

The insights we’ve gained from years of diversified experience benefit every client we work with. We can bring fresh ideas and mindsets to the table – ones that drive meaningful business growth.

From design work to brand strategies, everything we do is contingent on trusted processes that have been proven many times over – we know what works and what doesn’t. It’s our job to stay ahead of the curve on your behalf, innovating constantly and investing in the best possible resources for you to harness.

Is outsourcing right for you?

The downside to outsourcing is not having someone on-site to help with a large variety of tasks, as time allows. But if you’re looking for cost-effective, razor-sharp marketing on a one-off or sustained basis, outsourcing your marketing can be a game-changer.

At Resolution, we have the experienced team you need, ready to go. Our marketing retainers start from just £500 a month and run on a month by month basis, so you are not tied in.

We start by identifying the most effective approach for you and then deliver the activities that you don’t have the time or skills to do yourself.

The outcome is that your marketing is sorted when you want and to a great standard, so your business moves forward. Also, that nagging feeling goes away, you know the one you get when you haven’t written a blog or promoted a recent event or designed your monthly newsletter. Marvellous.

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