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The time is now to transform your marketing strategy and use the most effective digital marketing tools available. But it’s not simple. Knowing what channels to use and how to use them grows more and more complex by the day.

If you’re a new startup or an established business looking to scale up, at Resolution, we have the knowledge and experience to help.

We take time to understand your situation, give clear, honest advice, and craft marketing strategies to ensure that you engage in the right activities, the right way.

We’ll also help you coordinate, manage and deliver your digital marketing, fitting in wherever you need us, so you get good value and maximum results.

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Marketing strategy

An effective marketing strategy ensures you’re squeezing the most out of opportunities and spending your money in the most cost-effective way. If you’re unsure how to create one, or simply don’t have the time, we can help.


Marketing coordination

Managing your marketing activities requires expert knowledge. It can be complex. It can be time consuming. It can make you want to run for the hills. Thankfully, our marketing team are more than equipped to manage your activities for you. They’ll make sure your marketing is coordinated, executed on time, on budget and to the quality you expect.


Digital transformation

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of your business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to your customers. As digital marketing experts, we can help you to find the right technology tools and transform your sales and marketing processes.

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Why choose Resolution for marketing advice?


When you’re creating your marketing strategy, you need more than a great understanding of modern marketing; you need a wealth of commercial experience. And guess what? We have it.

Sound advice

Because your marketing strategy underpins all of your marketing, it’s always there in any conversation you have with us. We’ll give you our honest opinion on the amount of investment you should put into it, and we’ll tell you how best to approach it.


Whether you want a full strategy or just a bit of advice on how to approach your social media, we’re happy to help. Our focus is on delivering the most appropriate solution to help you achieve your goals.


Creating a strategy is a collaborative process. You understand your marketplace best of all; we work out how best to reach and communicate with it using the budgets and resources available.

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