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‘Frameworks’, ‘Bootstrap’ and ‘API’ are phrases that you may not commonly use. Not so our in-house technical team, who’ve been delivering efficient web application development projects for over 10 years.

We’ve delivered countless high-value projects: clever web-based systems such as CRM systems, booking or quote systems, and client portals, designed to define processes, streamline your business and keep customers coming back for more.

Sci-fi is now non-fi. Modern web tech allows SMEs to commission complex projects and enjoy speedy cost-effective delivery.

If your business is dealing with old admin systems or outdated processes or you’re looking to digitise any aspect of your process, a web application may be the answer. Want to explore your options? We’ll happily take the time to understand your requirements and offer sound advice – just drop us a line.

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CRM systems

If you find an off-the-shelf CRM system that fits your business, you should probably use it. Systems like Zoho, Hubspot and Salesforce are very powerful, but they don’t always fit the bill. If that’s the case, we can build a bespoke CRM system, tailored to your requirements – it’s very doable and can deliver great returns on investment.

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Admin systems

Effective systems and processes are key to consistent business success. Need to revamp something old and snail-paced? We’ve helped clients with processes such as supplier portals, project management, application processing, recruitment management, data analysis, report creation and quote creation.

Barbers Cheesemakers case study
Awdry, Bailey & Douglas case study



Increasingly, we need our digital systems to talk to each other, for example: linking your website enquiry to your CRM, or your stock system to your e-commerce database. The dilemma? Finding a suitably experienced and affordable company to help. The solution? Resolution. Whatever your web integration requirements are, we can most likely save the day.

Why use Resolution to create your web application?


We’ve been creating web applications since 2007, so we know what we’re doing. By coming to us, you can feel confident we’ll provide sound, jargon-free advice and produce top calibre work.

Established team

We have a permanent, in-house web development team supported by long-standing partners – just call us Wiltshire and Bristol’s answer to Silicon Valley. This gives us the capacity to create a bespoke web application for you and support it going forward.


Web applications are like renovation projects: they can easily guzzle up more time and money than you’d planned for. We have sensible web development rates and work quickly and efficiently. Your project will be delivered cost-effectively and to a high standard – no hidden surprises here.


We generally work with SMEs and established small businesses, and understand the importance of employing a flexible approach. Smart creativity calls for adaptability, so we can often flex to suit your requirements.

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