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Graphic design that pops

Old school is the new school

Some things are timeless. Traditional marketing is increasingly shouldered out of the picture by the younger, slicker star of today: digital marketing. However, there are still many worthy opportunities to throw a spotlight on a well designed brochure, beautiful packaging, a creative print advertising campaign or an impactful billboard.

Used effectively, graphic design can do wonders for your brand awareness and sales efforts. Need a team who really understand what it takes to craft great printed materials and packaging? You’re looking at ‘em. We have eons of experience in designing and producing gorgeous sales and marketing materials that catch the eye.

Beauty in print

Brochures & sales collateral

Designing epic print takes skill and experience. Over the years we’ve created all manner of sales materials, including stunning brochures. Our complete service covers concept design, artworking, copywriting, photography, and production.

Perfect push marketing

Advertising & direct mail

It’s a sad fact that the quality of print advertising has declined, but if you take the time and effort, the rewards can be meaningful. If you’re looking for advertising and direct mail that delivers more, we’re ready to get creative and help.

Get noticed

Exhibitions & signage

Whether you want a nicely designed roller banner, a complete exhibition stand or some eye-catching signage, we can make it happen. We offer a full service, from concept design through to production and installation.

Being judged on the cover


Over the years we’ve created some gallery-grade consumer packaging, largely in the Food & Drink and Homeware sectors. Packaging design and creation is a specialist area in its own right and we have a separate arm of the business for this branch of work.

Why use Resolution for your print marketing?


Way back in the mists of time (pre-1990 anyway), Becky began working as a graphic designer. She brings to the table 30 years’ almost uninterrupted experience in the briefing, design and production of print marketing and packaging.


Creating magnificent print-based marketing requires specialist knowledge in both design and production. Bleeds, spreads, colour matching, vector files, dot gain, litho, digital, paper stock, binding options, mail merge…we know it and it’s music to our ears.

Complete service

To get brilliant results, each stage must be carefully managed, from the briefing through to design and production. We can help you with all aspects and have a range of expert print partners we can call on via Bat-Signal.


Being technically proficient is one thing, but having the creative vision to produce work with real impact is something else entirely. We have the experience and skills to elevate the functional to the exceptional. Why settle for average?

Brochures in Resolution Design studio