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What attracts us to certain shops? Why do we shell out on certain products that are essentially the same as cheaper alternatives? Why do we opt for particular cars, drinks, architects or accountants?

Often we do it because we’re drawn to the brand, the bedrock of any business that wants to be compelling and recognisable. Whether you’re just one person, a small business or a global corporation, if your brand is lacking, you will suffer.

Logo creation, mission statement, corporate identity guidelines…however simple or complex your requirements, we have the skills to distil your business essence and hone your brand style.

We’ve guided many new startups and established businesses over the years, effectively positioning or repositioning everything from luxury consumer goods to large B2B firms.

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A brand only develops and succeeds when your business is correctly positioned in the marketplace. To do this, we work closely with you to gain a clear understanding of your offering, audiences and pesky competitors.

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Logo design

We have crafted 100s of successful logos. Our process starts with the development of concept directions that inform the creation of a range of initial logos. Through feedback and design development, our resident Picassos fine-tune the options until we arrive at your dream logo.

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Corporate identity

Looking for more than good functional marketing? If you want your business to stand out, it’s wise to consider creating corporate identity guidelines. This document will govern future design work for all visual aspects of your business, ensuring brand consistency, clarity and quality.

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Brand application

Consistent application of your identity will bring your brand to life.  We start with the essentials: business stationery, signage, livery and so on. After that, we focus on all the customer touchpoints: most notably your website, digital marketing, print & advertising. Next thing you know, you’re the talk of the town.

Why choose Resolution as your branding partner?


We’ve designed many, many logos, both for new businesses and as part of rebrands for established firms. We have an 100% success rate: every single logo project we’ve started has wrapped up with the client taking a logo forward as the foundation of their brand. Not too shabby, if we say so ourselves.


Developing a brand is a highly creative, collaborative process, for which you need a super-group of specialists with razor-sharp commercial understanding. We have the creative skills in-house – look at our work or pop into the studio, and you’ll see.


Whether you want to tweak your logo or undergo a full corporate identity process, we’re happy to accommodate. Our focus is on delivering the appropriate solution, so you’ll find us flexible and helpful.

Sound advice

Because it’s so important, your brand is likely to come up in any marketing conversation you have with us. We’ll give you our honest opinion on the amount of investment you should put into it, and we’ll tell you whether it’s just fine and dandy as it is.

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