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Richard Jaggs

MD | Resolution Design

  • April 7, 2022
  • 4 minute read

The income that Google generates through Google Ads is huge, it’s an absolute beast and its revenue growth is accelerating. In 2021 Google Ads revenue was $209.49 billion dollars, an amount of money that would pay for the NHS for over a year.

Why should this be of any interest to UK SMEs? As predicted, digital marketing now forms the major part of most SME marketing budgets and finding your audience in the digital world is challenging, which is where Google Ads really shines.

Google delivers just under 90% of all UK search engine queries, so if you want your business to be found, getting listed on Google is critical. Your business may perform very well in organic searches and we always recommend that SMEs take time to improve their key organic rankings through solid SEO activities. But achieving good organic rankings is no cakewalk, it takes time and skill. And also consider this… achieving good organic listings for SMEs is getting harder.

Over time Google has made 1000’s of changes to its algorithms. The goal is to deliver the sites and content that the user will find most helpful to answer their search. To do well in organic search these days your site needs to be borderline encyclopaedic on the search query, as well as being extensively connected, respected and in good technical shape. Google has also significantly increased the number and prominence of adverts, reducing the visibility of the organic listings, plus Google has confirmed it will close Google My Business listings sometime in 2022, which to now has been a fantastic way to get top of page listings for businesses for free.

On the flip side, Google has continued to develop Google Ads, giving advertisers enormous scope to target and control their marketing. Google Search Ads for example (those that show in the search listings) can be set up to deliver in highly specific ways. A simple example; if you wanted to deliver a targeted ad, for a budget of £10 per day, to all men aged between 20 and 45, in a 25-mile radius of Bristol, who are interested in air-source heat pumps, you could do it.

It is worth mentioning that you can go very wrong with Google Ads. Failing to properly target and manage your campaigns will get expensive and deliver poor returns. With Google Ads you pay per click, so you need to ensure the right people are clicking or you’ll just be feeding the Google behemoth without much benefit to yourself. But get it right and your business can spend modest sums to achieve great results.

Over the years we have found that well constructed Google Ad campaigns deliver the best ROI of all paid advertising for our clients. It also has the advantage of being able to be switched on and off as needed, as well as delivering all the stats you need to assess performance.

Google runs a Google Partner program to ensure that those agencies with Google Partner status have the knowledge and expertise to deliver effective campaigns to clients. At Resolution, we have been a Google Partner for several years and we are Certified for the main 3 types of Google Ads campaigns; Search, Display and Shopping.

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