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Emma Hart

Communications Manager | Resolution Design

  • March 22, 2023
  • 2 minute read

You would not ignore the MOT advisories on your car, and your company’s website should be no different. You should have a good working order website with a smooth user experience. Failure to do so will cause issues with your website and could cost you customers. 

We build and manage websites for hundreds of online and e-commerce businesses. The website is the hub of your company’s marketing, and new business activity will result in visits to your website. It’s crucial that it receives regular checks to ensure it’s fit for purpose. 

We’ve put together a checklist on how you can continue to monitor your website’s performance. Read on and tick them off as you go. 

  1. Are your contact forms working? If you have noticed customer enquiries or sign-ups lacking lately, then it’s possible that your contact forms are broken. Investigate immediately and ensure that any process where a customer needs to act or share is simple and swift. 
  2. Is there anything affecting the speed? If you have bad service storage or numerous high-quality images, then loading times are going to be long and frustrating. Try cutting metadata and reviewing your codebase. Even if your website is visually appealing, customers will not wait. 
  3. Is your website secure? Cyber attacks not only destroy the hard work you have put into the website, it also puts your employee’s and customers’ data at risk. Always obtain a SSL certificate and If you think you have been hacked, get in touch with us and we can help. 
  4. Do you have concise and consistent copy? Video is getting more popular but that doesn’t mean copy is redundant just yet. It’s always worth taking the time to write engaging and enticing content that skillfully demonstrates your business’s USP. Also, don’t forget SEO is key and always worth the investment. 
  5. How is the navigation? Clear and informative signposts are essential, as is a tidy and orderly homepage. Any click-throughs and menu options need to be easy for the user otherwise you are going to have an ongoing problem.

Our website support packages are designed to keep your website secure and operating effectively. Let us help.

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