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Emma Hart

Communications Manager | Resolution Design

  • February 23, 2023
  • 3 minute read

We get asked this question by clients from time to time, and as more social media products are introduced to the market – Tik Tok, Quest, PearPop –  it has become virtually impossible to separate the personal and the professional. Accounts intertwine daily and the lines are blurred more than ever, which may leave you confused about how you manage your social media activity.

For many of us we started out creating social media profiles from a personal level, only to then realise at a later stage that they could be repurposed for our professional and business needs. Whilst the channels of LinkedIn gave us a platform to showcase our specialisms and advertise ourselves, we soon latched on to the idea that it was a networking tool to communicate with clients and demonstrate our experience within our chosen sectors. 

But not everyone ‘followed’ so to speak and it’s important to flag that it’s common to take a step back, unfollow and delete your digital profiles, rather than run the risk of looking unprofessional. However, it’s also essential that embracing social media professionally is a cost effective way to reach a wider audience and build a credible network. 

Have you shied away from using social media for your business? Here are some helpful tips on how to begin engaging with your online community and strengthening your digital presence. 

Less is more 

There is no need to jump straight into the deep end and start posting huge amounts of content on a weekly basis. Observe from the sidelines at first by following, liking, commenting and sharing articles that you have found particularly insightful or relevant to your customer. It’s always a good idea to use trending and popular hashtags in comment boxes to highlight your expertise and interests. 

Remember, you don’t need to put everything on social media. Opting for content which will excite and interest people is enough. 

Do your homework 

Which social media platforms are your customers and targeted audiences using? Once you have established if they are scrolling through Twitter or uploading videos to TikTok, you can create an account and start building your profile. 

Understanding how each social media platform operates and what its purpose is, is fundamental to achieving your overall business goals. 

Be mindful with messaging 

Whilst it’s important to allow your personality to shine through and stand out from competitors, be cautious that you are representing your business and the reputation of your brand. 

Think about how you would want to come across offline and work this into your digital persona. What do you want your customers to take away once they have viewed your profile? It should be nothing but a positive experience, so avoid topics like religion, politics and anything too argumentative. They are just too risky. 

Leaving your comfort zone 

The benefits of being on social media professionally always outweigh the risks. Keeping up with the latest trends and news within your industry, reaching and developing relationships that aren’t specific on geography, and possibly the most important, it’s a cost effective way of getting your message ‘out there.’ 

Also, don’t forget as an experienced business owner who is an expert in their field, your advice and opinions are most likely welcomed by your online community that will after time flourish and become an invaluable marketing asset. 

Would you like to speak to us about igniting your social media strategy? Contact us today on how we can help. 

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