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As an experienced SEO Agency there are many things we can do to help improve your organic ranking for key search terms. We offer cost-effective SEO plans starting from just £500 pm, with a flexible approach, fitting in where we are most needed. Contact us to learn more.

Doing this requires ensuring that your site has comprehensive & optimised content and great technical performance, plus that you have an excellent digital footprint, with well-shared content and good quality inbound links.

As an SEO Agency in we have been helping regional businesses with their SEO for over 10 years. We have an excellent track record of success through using a combination of content creation, content optimisation, technical SEO activity and increasing digital footprint.

We often combine our SEO activity with Google Ads management, to form an integrated search marketing strategy to ensure that your business gets found for the terms that matter, either organically or in paid search.

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Keyword planning

Before SEO activity can begin you need to know exactly which keywords you want to optimise for. Going for very popular search terms means enormous competition and lower chance of success, so it often pays to be a bit canny with your selections, using targeted terms that you have a good chance of doing well for. We will help ensure you make the best selections.


Content creation and optimisation

Creating effective and engaging content that focusses on the keywords and phrases you’d like to found for is critical to SEO success. Our copywriting experts can create beautifully optimised blogs and landing pages, as well as optimising all the main site pages.


Technical SEO

Search engines are not fans of poor web development and technical errors, so making sure that your site is in excellent technical shape is important. We conduct regular SEO and technical audits to identify and fix problems, we also work to improve site speed and to ensure Google can spider your site with ease.


Increasing your digital footprint

Ensuring that you have a good digital network around your site is very important for SEO. Your content should be well-shared and credible, with plenty of good inbound links driving good quality traffic to your site. Unsure where to start? We can help.

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Why choose Resolution as your SEO partner?


We’ve been helping companies to improve their search engine rankings for over 10 years. You need a combination of creative writing, web development, strategic and digital marketing skills. And guess what? We have it.

Sound advice

SEO can be rather baffling, so we keep our advice simple and straightforward. We will explain the SEO opportunities and also the alternative options, giving you a clear idea of how you should spend your marketing budget and why.


Whether you want some one-off content optimisation or an ongiong monthly SEO retainer, we’re happy to help. Our focus is on delivering the most appropriate solution to help you achieve your goals.


Knowing the effectiveness of your activity is very important. Which is why, for all our SEO related retainers, we always set up a digital dashboard monitoring all the essential KPIs including keyword rankings, technical audit scores and organic website activity.

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