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Richard Jaggs

MD | Resolution Design

  • November 15, 2022
  • 3 minute read

One of the areas where the use of AI in marketing is gaining traction is content writing. Creating blogs and articles to engage your readers is a time-consuming business and any shortcuts to good content creation are potentially very useful.

To test this new technology, we thought; why don’t we get AI to write a blog about AI content writing? So we found a free AI content writer software called Anyword, told it a little about what we wanted, and the following article appeared, which required just a few edits and a couple of images from us. It does use the phrase “AI content writing” way too much, but it’s pretty impressive. AI is here and more AI is coming, get ready….

An intro to AI content writing 

As technology continues to evolve and advance, we are now able to automate various tasks that used to take up our time. Content writing has been dominated by humans up until now. But, that could be about to change with the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) content writing. AI content writing is a natural language processing technology that can actually write content for you.

What searches show is that ‘AI’ has increased in popularity in the last year. Most of us have an idea, concept, or notion of what AI is. However, many of us aren’t exactly sure what AI can be used for. 

How AI works content writing works

AI content writing is a way for us as bloggers and marketers to have our writing professionally edited. AI content writing works by analysing given prompts which it uses to create new content. The AI-based machine learning algorithms used in this process are trained on the most commonly used words and phrases in your industry. 

The advantages of AI content writing

The advantages of AI content writing are numerous. AI content writing is a much faster process, with a typical human writer taking up to an hour per post. The software can consistently produce the same quality in just minutes. AI has instant access to an infinite amount of material and data. This can result in more intelligent, and engaging blog posts than what would be produced by a human writer. 

The disadvantages of AI content writing

There are a few disadvantages to using AI content writing services. Some argue that the quality of the content will be subpar because AI lacks creativity. Similar to the lack of creativity, AI can’t convey the emotion & tone needed for the context of the content in a blog post. AI lacks the ability to monitor the accuracy of content in a way that humans can – it requires a human to check the written content. 

So, is AI the future of content writing? 

Simply put, AI content writing is not the future of content writing. AI content writing is a tool that can be used to make the process of creating content easier for people who are not skilled writers. 

Trends on Google indicate that the general public isn’t using AI for content writing etc. The majority of people are using AI for casual activities like searching for AI gaming or the latest tech. We can assume that, for now, and in the future, we as content writers are safe and as content, copy and blog writers, we can embrace AI as a tool for our own work.

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