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Emma Hart

Communications Manager | Resolution Design

  • June 7, 2023
  • 5 minute read

TikTok. The social media platform that only Generation Z can use right? 

Wrong! TikTok is a powerful marketing tool and like any other social media channel needs to feature in your business strategy. 

Promoting a service, business or product, TikTok has proved itself to be invaluable for increasing brand awareness and engaging with audiences. Whilst the verdict is still out on whether it will stand the test of time, no one can argue that it has the capabilities to elevate a brand or subject to success. 

So, strap yourself in, here we are about to give you the Resolution-recap of what TikTok is, and how by following these simple steps it can begin working for you and your overall business objectives. 

What is TikTok? 

Not your standard social media channel, its focus is for users to upload short and snappy captivating videos that aim to entertain, educate or inform. The trick is to abandon the hard sales message and corporate advertising, and keep the content crisp and authentic. Brands are using it to reach new audiences, and they have re-written the rule book on how to generate leads or drive traffic to your website. 

Why do I need it for my business? 

TikTok is new and consumers are always hungry for new creative toys that can keep them stimulated. They have cottoned on to brands posting planned content on Instagram and LinkedIn, but TikTok remains in its infancy, and there are opportunities to flourish. Do not be afraid that TikTok is associated with a younger market, there are over one billion active users on the platform, and as we see the likes of Twitter’s popularity decrease, this number is only set to soar. 

How do I make a TikTok video? 

Firstly, create an account and start to get to know your community and the types of videos you want to make. Once you have established your goal and objectives – you need these for any marketing activity  – it is time to shoot your own video. 

If you are choosing not to hire an agency for social media management, then all you need is a good iPhone or Android phone and possibly the support of colleagues – depending on what you intend to film. Keep videos short and use trending hashtags, they will help get your work seen by more viewers. 

Where can I get ideas for TikTok? 

As with any creative communication, the art of storytelling is paramount, and the more you can say about what your business offers in a dynamic and inspirational way will be the key to your success. Think about the script, possibly adding a call to action and what copy will you upload with the post? These are all searchable words and increase your chances of views. 

Of course, if you want original ideas that will motivate your customers then speak to us now. We offer a complete outsourced marketing solution for small businesses and SMEs, this includes social media management.

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