We’ve been creating great web applications for years; CRM systems, admin portals and quote systems. This month saw the launch of our latest, the supplier portal for Barbers Cheesemakers.

Barbers, based in Somerset, and are a well-known producer of Cheddar, in fact, they are the world’s oldest cheddar cheese maker. They purchase in excess of 200 million litres of milk from 150 individual dairy farms and ensuring a fully traceable, regular supply of high-quality milk day in, day out is critical to their business.

Barbers wanted to transform the way they communicate with their milk suppliers, to create a trusted system that allows 24/7 communication both to and from suppliers. They also needed to be able to supply their customers with accurate, up to date information about their farm suppliers and product for quality assurance and traceability, enter the Supplier Portal… read case study.

In the past we’ve launched many other web applications, why not take a look at the short case studies for the CRM system for machinery dealership and a conveyancing quote calculator for a firm of solicitors.

If you would like to improve your business processes and need a clean, efficient system to help make this happen, then get in touch.

Written by. Richard Jaggs

Richard Jaggs