CRM system for machinery dealership

Effective Customer Relationship Management systems are very powerful business tools, giving your staff access to vital information and functionality to improve sales, marketing and administration. There are many CRM systems available, but finding one that fits your requirements can be very challenging. For most businesses using off-the-shelf CRM systems involves compromise and in some cases, a bespoke solution is the best option.

This was the case for a UK based machinery dealership and in late 2013 they took the decision to commission us to create a sales focussed CRM for them.


The sales team were using a variety of tools to manage their customers, schedule contacts, book meetings, create quotes, process orders and generate sales reports. The client needed a unified solution to improve the efficiency of the team, help them make contact with the right people at the right time, give them all the tools they need and provide valuable management information.


The first stage of the work was to understand the scope of the work and create a detailed brief. Firstly we identified the essential system modules and began to break down the functionality and user journeys required within each module.

We initially decided on the backend framework and then proceeded to create each module in a phased way. The process for creating each module began with a meeting to review the initial brief and establish a more detailed working document to guide the development work.


After extensive development and testing, the system was launched to the sales team in early 2016. The system was also given a name, ‘Ignition’.

The main system modules are:

  • Dashboard – overview of all areas and breakdown of actions and to-dos
  • Enquiries – capturing, allocation and tracking of all enquiries
  • Customers – everything sales need to know, including replacement dates, demonstrations, history, action triggers
  • Appraisals – capturing of all machinery information to allow valuations by trade or in-house
  • Quotes – full quoting system linked to stock
  • Reports – sales and management reports
  • To dos – those important day-to-day activities
  • User management – to allow unlimited users at various levels of access
  • Stocklist – imported from the stock control system to allow use in the CRM

Ignition has emerged as a very comprehensive CRM solution for machine dealerships, with extensive functionality and accompanying iPad app for appraising and recording details of 2nd hand machinery.


Ignition was readily accepted by the sales team, who recognised the enormous value of the system very quickly. Ignition is now helping the sales team to be significantly more efficient, communicate effectively with customers and achieve higher levels of sales. Ignition is also delivering valuable management data, helping to identify the activity and effectiveness of the sales team and enable ongoing improvements.