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Emma Hart

Communications Manager | Resolution Design

  • May 4, 2023
  • 5 minute read

We’ve been busy launching the new PR department here at Resolution Design, (you can view our all-singing and all-dancing service page here). But as we begin to roll out the red carpet for the new service, we thought we should lay out what PR is, and how it is essential to your marketing strategy overall. 

PR stands for Public Relations 

Contrary to popular belief, PR does not stand for ‘press release’ and involves much more than writing and distributing news about your brand or company. PR is a strategic tool that uses creative concepts and storytelling to build a positive perception of your company. 

Using the power of persuasion, PR shapes the relationship between an organisation and its public in order to promote, protect and enrich. 

Why do I need Public Relations? 

PR will get you speaking to your customers and prospective customers through a range of mediums and channels. From the traditional routes of newspaper articles and blogs, to more contemporary platforms such as social media, where working with influencers and ambassadors has accelerated over the years. 

It is true that the most impactful PR is organic, but behind the scenes, there is often a team of experts working hard to drive your brand or business in the right direction. 

How will it benefit my business? 

As well as raising awareness, the effects of PR will build a stronger brand representation and not only grow your image but also guard your reputation. How your business is perceived and whether you have good credentials, ethics and values is crucial to your success. 

PR professionals and agencies are brought on board to devise a strategy on how they can get more consumers talking about you, and investing their time and money into your products or services – this can only ever be a good thing. Saying that, when things go wrong, calling in the PRs to minimise damage is always worth a shot too. 

Is Public Relations the same as advertising?

PR and marketing go hand in hand and the right messaging can lead to your business goals being met. However, PR is not to be mistaken for advertising. They are both very different with a different set of objectives and targets. Whilst advertising is usually a paid-for campaign where the brand speaks directly to the consumer, PR is executed through a variety of activities, and is more likely to come through a third-party voice – think a journalist, an influencer, or even your friends and family. There are no limits to PR, that’s why it can be such an influential marketing ingredient. 

How is it measured? 

Traditional ways of PR used to be through AVE (Advertising Value Equivalent), and this method is still adopted by many today as a useful evaluation on a PR campaign’s success. However, as our digital landscape evolves, it has got harder to control and report on ROI. 

There are various monitoring subscriptions that record impressions, likes and followers for social media. But the proof will be in the pudding, and the best way to measure PR activity will be seen in new sales leads, website traffic and/or profit margins. 

Do you have any questions about PR or are you looking for an agency to manage your PR activity? Get in touch with us today for a chat. 

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